[How to kill sea crabs]_Production_Cleaning method

[How to kill sea crabs]_Production_Cleaning method

Sea crabs have a unique seafood taste, and the internal crab yellow, crab meat and other materials also have high nutritional value, which is very suitable for children who are in the long stage of the body. They can be paired with other foods.The smell is well covered up, but after too many housewives buy sea crabs and go home, they feel unable to start. How should sea crabs be killed in order to be clean without destroying nutrition?

How do crabs kill quickly?

1. Take the chopsticks and poke directly between the eyes of the crab, and turn it out slightly to make the crab appear pseudo-dead, but the meat quality still maintains the fresh flesh Q state.

2. The left and right edges of the crab are its most fragile and soft parts. You can use the force of the table to peel the shell of the crab.

3. After peeling off the shell, clean up the gallbladder that is stuck to the center of the shell.

Tips for cleaning the crab’s stomach!

(1) Live crabs bought by soaking in salt water should be rinsed with clean water and then soaked in fresh saline water, so that crab crabs can spit out the dirty things in the stomach. Pay more attention during soakingChange the water until the water from the crab is clean.

Then pinch the rear end of the pinch and hang it close to the edge of the plate so that the pair of pliers can just hold the string.

(2) Liquor soaking Let the crabs soak in the wine for 5-10 minutes and bathe fully.

Through the stimulation of wine, the graft in the body is discharged, and crabs can also be drunk with white wine.

The wine can not only remove the fishy smell of crabs, but also make the crabs lose their struggle, and follow up many times.

Of course, if there is no liquor at home, you can sizzle it with warm water at 45 degrees.

When the water temperature is high, the crab feet and tongs will be replaced. Presumably, people who have cooked crabs will be aware of this, and this will not burn the crabs directly, affecting the nutrition and taste of the crabs. Put the crabs in warm water, About 3-5 minutes, the crab will not move on it.

Methods for cleaning the internal organs of crabs and crabs: (1) Remove the stomach: it is located in the front half of the crab shell, with or without mud inside, it is a place where bacteria grow and reproduce.

Crab stomach is commonly known as “crab monk”, which is a triangular bone packet in the center of the front edge of the dorsal shell with dirt inside.

(2) Intestine removal: It is located in the middle of the crab’s umbilical cord, showing a black line.

(3) In addition to crab heart: located in the middle of crab yellow.

The crab heart is extremely cold and has a hexagonal shape, also called “hexagonal meat”. It is located in the center of the crab, under a black film coat, and can be picked out by the tip of a crab when eating.

(4) In addition to the gills: two rows of soft, eyebrow-shaped things that grow on the top of the crab’s abdomen, also known as “crab shutters.”

At both ends of the crab body, there are potential pathogens and dirt.

Tip: The above parts are dirty and have no edible value. Don’t chew them at all to avoid food poisoning.

If crabs are not thoroughly washed while eating, eating them is not good for the body, especially the cleaning of the internal organs of crabs, which needs more careful.

Here we will take a look at how to clean the crab viscera and the three major steps to clean the crab.

Washing the crab Step 2: Brushing the crab Crab When the crab vomits out the complications in the stomach, it is necessary to start scrubbing the crab with water. When cleaning, pay attention not to open the water flow too much. Use a toothbrush to scrub the crab.Time to work hard.
The specific steps of brushing crabs: (1) first scrub the crab’s body parts, tail, abdomen and mouth, and then scrub the crab feet and the root of the crab claws.

(2) Crab Crab is the part that needs to be cleaned because there are many impurities and excreta in the abdomen. Before washing, the excreta in the abdomen should be squeezed out before cleaning the abdomen with a brush.Dirty stuff.

(3) Finally, scrub the crab claws and rinse with water.

[Who is not suitable to eat avocado]_avocado_taboo_diet conditioning

[Who is not suitable to eat avocado]_avocado_taboo_diet conditioning

Although we all know that avocado has high nutritional value, the general population is actually edible. Office workers or women who have some dysmenorrhea themselves, eating avocado can also reduce certain relief effects, but if some digestive diseases orPeople with urinary system diseases are not suitable for eating beef fruit.

1. Not suitable for avocado 1.

Patients with encephalitis, stroke, digestive system disease, urinary system disease, and infectious disease are not suitable for eating avocado; 2.

2. Suckling, infants, young children, chronically debilitated people are not suitable for avocado; 3.

People with qi-stagnation constitution, special constitution, yang deficiency constitution, and stasis constitution are not suitable for eating avocado.

Second, suitable for people who eat avocado 1.

Pregnant women: Potential folic acid in avocado; 2.

Office workers: high blood pressure vitamins A, E and B2 to help fight eye fatigue; 3.

Female dysmenorrhea: the magnesium it contains can improve women’s premenstrual syndrome and relieve migraines and anxiety; 4.

Vegetarians: Unsaturated fatty acids and saturated fatty acids in avocado account for 80%. It is a high-energy low-sugar fruit. Vegetarians are highly efficient at consuming energy.

Third, the content of avocado Avocado is the highest energy type of fruit, with a trace content of about 15%, which is higher than eggs and chicken.

For every 100 grams of avocado, it contains about 160 kcal of energy, which is 3 times that of sweet apples and 2 times that of milk.

7 times, it contains more potassium than bananas, is particularly rich in fiber, and has strong antioxidant properties.

Just eat half a star every day, and your skin will be smoother and blood will be smoother!

But then again, some people will get fat if they eat too much. The right amount of avocado will not cause obesity, but if you eat it for meals every day, it is very high in calories (a medium avocado probably has324 calories), you will get fat in the long run.

Therefore, people who are afraid of getting fat should not eat more.

The only rule for maintaining body shape is to eat everything in moderation so that you can get a balanced nutrition instead of accumulating excess traces and contents.

[How to eat spring cake]_Spring cake_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat spring cake]_Spring cake_How to eat_How to eat

Spring cake is a special food in the northern region, but after entering the southern region, it has also been welcomed by people in the southern region.

The main reason is that the dough of the spring cake tastes strong, and different fillings can be added according to personal taste.

Some vegetables that can be added to the spring cake include carrots, cucumbers, and other sauces, but some people are still very confused. What is the correct way to eat the spring cake?

The types of spring cakes are some fried pork shredded spring cake ingredients: 1 kg of flour, 800 grams of water, 400 grams of lean pork, 200 grams of pork fat, 200 grams of pork shredded pork, 100 grams of shiitake mushrooms, and 300 grams of chives.800 grams of silver bud mung bean sprouts, refined salt, soy sauce, white sugar, fresh soup, starch, sesame oil, cooking wine, pepper, monosodium glutamate, lard, peanut oil amount, white staff wash less.

Production method 1, add a small amount of refined salt and white staff, add water in portions, and try to stir evenly while adding water. Grab the dough and shake repeatedly until the water is added, and the dough is not sticky.
2. Heat the pan clean and wipe it with a little bit of peanut oil. Grab a piece of noodle with your right hand and spread it into a round sheet with a diameter of about 10 cm.Just lift it up, wait for the skin to rise up, and take it out when the surface is dry.

3. Wash the leek and cut it into 3 cm long sections: silver buds are simmered with boiling water to remove the clean water; lean pork is starched with starch and water, put in a warm oil pan and heated with peanut oil, and dispersedSlide through and pour into a colander to control the oil.

4. Fry the spoon over heat, add lard to heat, add fatty pork, pork roast, shiitake, stir well, then add smooth pork, cooking oil, salt, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, sesame oil, fresh soup, Monosodium glutamate, etc., stir-fry with starch after boiling, cool out of the pot, add leek, silver buds and stir well to serve as spring cake filling.

5. Spread the spring cake skin on the chopping board, put the spring cake filling, wrap it into flat bars, and seal the seal with thin batter.

6. Heat the pan and pour in the peanut oil. Put the spring cake in the pan and fry over medium heat until the sides are golden brown.

Chaozhou Spring Cake Spring cake, as a traditional snack in Chaozhou, evolved from the ancient folk snacks in Chaozhou.

Before the Qing Dynasty, a kind of snack-pancake roll fried shrimp prevailed in the alleys and streets of Chaozhou Street, that is, fried shrimp with pancake crust and simmered in sweet sauce. This kind of snacks were mainly sold at roadside stalls.Children eat.

By the end of the Qing Dynasty, the fillings for this snack had been improved from fried shrimp to diced carrots, diced carrots and pork.

Spring cake is made of flour made of round thin pancakes with Chaozhou dialect of mung bean, that is, peeled mung bean flakes, white garlic in front of raw garlic, cut into young grains, shiitake mushrooms, shrimp, fish sauce, monosodium glutamate, etc.It is about 10 cm in length and fried until it becomes golden and ready to serve.

The crispy crust of the spring cake, the salty flavor of the filling, bite it down, only the mouth feels fragrant, and the appetite has greatly increased. It is the only famous snack that Chaozhou people love to eat in all seasons, and it is a must-have for the influx of guests.

How to eat spring cake Place the chopsticks on the spring cake, roll one side of the spring cake along the chopsticks, wrap the lower end up, hold it, roll up the other side, roll it on a plate, and place the chopsticks one by oneRaise the ground.

The spring cake rolls made by high-tech people will be as big as their mouths, which is convenient for biting.

This rolling method is also applicable to roast duck.

In eating time, the tradition of eating spring cakes is still popular in most areas, and some areas in Fujian and Guangdong eat pancakes around the Qingming Festival.

In Zhangzhou, Fujian, there is a custom of eating spring cakes before the Qingming Festival: In the early Qing Dynasty, Zheng Chenggong attacked Zhangzhou and killed dozens of people. Because there was no coffin to sacrifice, he had to be swept up. After that, he rolled up pancakes as a commemoration.

[Can raw corn be eaten]_Action_Efficacy

[Can raw corn be eaten]_Action_Efficacy

Chestnut is a kind of nut food with very good taste and nutritional value, so you can always keep chestnut in your home and eat a little chestnut every day to effectively supplement the nutrients needed by the body.

Because chestnut contains a large amount of starch, it is not suitable to eat more chestnuts, excessive consumption of chestnuts can lead to constipation.

However, in the process of eating chestnuts, cooked chestnuts are generally eaten. Can raw chestnuts be eaten?

Can raw chestnuts be eaten? Chestnuts are rich in nutritional value, vitamin C content is even higher than tomatoes, and is more than ten times that of apples.

The minerals in chestnut are also very comprehensive, including potassium, zinc, iron, etc. Although the content is not as high as hazelnuts, it is still higher than apples and other ordinary fruits, especially the potassium content is more than three times higher than apples.

Raw chestnut has better kidney-benefit effect.

As early as the Tang Dynasty, medical scientist Sun Simiao described chestnuts as “fruits of the kidneys” and pointed out that “raw food” can treat waist and foot insufficiency, highlighting the use of “raw eating”.

If the middle-aged and elderly people develop the habit of eating dried chestnuts daily, they can effectively prevent and treat kidney deficiency and backache.

The benefits and disadvantages of eating chestnuts raw1. The benefits of eating raw chestnuts are high. Of course, eating raw chestnuts is also good. The main role of eating raw chestnuts is to treat kidney deficiency and waist and leg aches.Blood in the stool, nosebleeds, and vomiting blood are effective in activating blood to stop bleeding.

Raw chestnut vitamins have not been destroyed, so the vitamin content in raw chestnut is more abundant, and the health-care effect in raw chestnut is stronger.

2. Difficult to digest Although raw chestnuts may have better health effects and richer nutrition, raw chestnuts are hard and crunchy to eat. Digestion will be more difficult after eating. Some people eat too much rawChestnuts are about to suffer from stomach pain, so if you want to eat chestnuts, it is best to eat cooked ones. If you like to eat raw ones, you can chew a few times each time, chew some and swallow it.It’s easier, but keep in mind that raw chestnuts can’t eat too much.

3. It is not easy to peel raw chestnuts. We will find a problem, that is, it is not easy to peel, especially the layer of skin inside, the layer of skin inside and the flesh of chestnut are close together, and you want to remove it quickly.As long as the chestnut skin has a microwave oven, cut the chestnut into a mouth and heat it in the microwave oven for 30 seconds.

If you don’t have a microwave oven, you can peel chestnuts in the oven for five minutes.

How much chestnut to eat at a time is suitable for high nutritional value, rich in sugar, starch, protein, trace and multivitamins, minerals and other nutrients, but the doctor also reminded that although chestnuts are rich in nutrients, it is not recommended to eat more, normal peopleDo not consume more than 10 capsules at a time.

If you are a weight-loss crowd, it is best not to exceed 8 at a time, 4-6 are more suitable.

This is to prevent getting fat, be sure to use the right amount.

Chestnuts are nuts containing starch phospholipids.

So the universe is relatively large.

For example, the energy of 100 grams of rice is 113 calories, and the energy of 100 grams of chestnut meat is 174 calories, so producing 2 or 2 chestnuts is equivalent to eating 3 or 2 rice.

It is recommended not to exceed 8 chestnuts at a time, and the amount of staple food should be reduced accordingly after eating to prevent getting fat.

[7 Reasons Why Women Refuse Sex]_Women

[7 Reasons Why Women Refuse Sex]_Women

Satisfactory sex life is the source of comfort and happiness, but sometimes this sweet love is often interrupted by women’s rejection.

A survey by the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University found that physical discomfort is the very beginning of women’s refusal to have sex, and these discomforts are also a warning sign of certain diseases.

Refuse sex because of intercourse pain: A potential underlying condition is chronic genital pain.

The results of the largest sexual life survey in the United States in 2010 found that 30% of women have recently experienced mild to moderate sexual intercourse pain.

In addition to inadequate foreplay and excessive sexual movements, the main reasons are chronic genital pain syndrome, patients with burning sensation in the genitals, tingling, or knife-like pain.

Experts recommend that you see a gynecologist as soon as possible to diagnose skin diseases or arthritis.

Treatment methods include: drug therapy, analgesia, physical therapy and biofeedback therapy.


[How to get fishy smell]_How to get fishy_ 小 妙招

[How to get fishy smell]_How to get fishy_ 小 妙招

In the process of making fish, each individual can choose different production methods according to his own taste, because fish, as a food that has existed since ancient times, has evolved into modern society, and fish has invented many different production methods.

Among them, roasted fish is a widely accepted method of making fish, because the fish can effectively incorporate the broth next to it to make the fish taste more delicious.

But how to make fish fishy when making roast fish?

10 ways to get rid of fishy smell: One of the magical ways to get rid of fishy smell: When ginger burns fish, some people like to put ginger and fish in the pot together.

In fact, premature ginger release will combine with fish leaching protein to hinder the deodorizing effect of ginger.

You can cook the fish in the pot for a while, and then put the ginger after the protein has solidified; you can also cook a small amount of vinegar and cooking wine when the pot is broken, so that it can remove the greasy and greasy flavor.

If you still feel a fishy smell, sprinkle some minced garlic before it comes out of the pan. The effect is very good, especially for continuous frozen fish.

The second magic weapon to remove fishy smell: Wet starch heats the fried fish oil. After the onion, ginger, and pepper are removed, add some thick and thick starch slurry.

Because the wet starch bursts into the oil due to heat, the starch bubbles can absorb the fishy smell of the oil, and then the floating starch bubbles can be skimmed.

The third magic weapon to remove fishy smells: flour, put the fried fish oil in the pan and heat it, put the shallots, ginger and pepper to fry, then remove the pan from the fire, grab a face and sprinkle the hot oilAfter heating, the flour gelatinizes and deposits, and adsorbs some trimethylamine dissolved in the oil, which can remove most of the fishy smell.

Method for removing fishy seasoning: a magic weapon 4: vinegar and pepper After washing freshwater fish, cut it in cold water, pour a small amount of vinegar and pepper into the water.There is no earthy smell.

In addition to the fishy magic five: salt water can use 25 grams of salt and 2.

5 kg of water, soak the live fish in salt water, the salt water enters the blood through the fish’s two gills, and the earthy smell can disappear after one hour.

If it is dead fish, soak it in salt water for two hours to remove the smell of earth.

In addition to the fishy smell of magic six: warm tea water Soak the fish in warm tea water to remove the fishy smell.

Generally use a cup of strong tea for every kilogram of fish to add water, soak the fish in 5?
Remove after 10 minutes.

Because the sulfuric acid contained in tea has an astringent effect, the spread of fishy odor can be reduced.

Magic weapon seven to remove fishy smell: Put some milk in the pot when the fish is stewed with milk, which can remove the fishy smell and make the fish soft and delicious.

Soak the fish in milk for a while before frying to remove the fishy odor and enhance the umami taste.

Magic weapon eight to remove fishy smell: When rice wine is fried into river fish, first soak the fish in rice wine, and then wrap the flour into the pot to remove the fishy smell.

Magic Nine to Remove Fishy Taste: After washing the white wine fish, apply it to the whole body with white wine and wash it off with water after 1 minute to remove the fishy smell.

Ten magic weapon to remove fishy smell: Red wine first cut the fish and marinate it with red wine. The residual acid and aroma in the wine can eliminate the fishy smell.

Tip: When processing fish, there will be a fishy smell on your hands.

If you wash your hands with a small amount of toothpaste or white wine, and then wash with water, the fishy smell can be removed.

It is best to use a lemon or orange after scoring. Ginger can also be used if it does not change.

[32 kinds of spices recipes]_ correct recipes _ recipe Daquan

[32 kinds of spices recipes]_ correct recipes _ recipe Daquan

When making a variety of foods, especially hot pot, braised pork, barbecue and other types of food, if you can add the right spices, it will also make the food more delicious and attractive.

There are many types of spices. Different spices can be used with different recipes.

The following introduces the specific recipes of spiced powder spices, thirteen spices, hot pot spices and braised meat spices!

I. Allspice Spice Formula 1: Ammonium 60g, Clove 12g, Cardamom 7g, Cinnamon 7g, Sambal 12g Formula 2: 20g Aniseed, 5g Dried Ginger, 8g Cumin, 18g Zanthoxylum, 6g Chenpi, 18g Zanthoxylum Recipe 3:52g of aniseed, 7g of cinnamon, 10g of scallion, 3g of white pepper, 4g of amomum, 17g of dried ginger, 7g of licorice.

The formula of the two and thirteen aniseed ingredients should generally be: 5 parts each for peppercorn, aniseed, 2 parts each for cinnamon powder, sana, tangerine peel, ginger, and white peony, and 1 part for the rest, and then put them together, that is “Thirteen incense “.

It can also be used separately. For example, fennel has a strong smell and is best used for making vegetarian dishes and soy products. For beef and lamb, use white lotus root to remove radon and increase umami taste to make the meat tender. Bacon and cinnamon powder for sausageThe meat and intestines have a strong aroma and are not greasy for a long time. The simmering soup uses stale peel and woody fragrance, which is instantly elegant and fresh. The fish used Sanna and ginger can relieve the fishy smell and make the fish crisp and tender. The aroma overflows. Smoked chicken.Duck, goose meat, with nutmeg and cloves, has a unique reconstituted smoked flavor, which is fragrant when chewed and full of fragrance.

Three, hot pot spices formula one: 5 grams of white buckle, 5 grams of grass fruit, 3-5 grams of kana, 3-5 grams of clove, 5 grams of amomum, 5 grams of fragrant fruit, 5 grams of cumin, 5 grams of cinnamon, licorice5 grams, 5 grams of branches, 5 grams of row grass, 5 grams of old buckle, 5 grams of pine pine, 5 grams of tangerine peel, 5 grams of citronella, 5-8 grams of citronella, 5 grams of star anise, 5 grams of fragrant leaves, 5 miles of scentGrams, 8 grams of cumin, 5 grams of vanilla Formula 2: Cumin 0.

2 grams, aniseed 0.

5 liquorice 0.

15 grams, cinnamon.

3 grams, cloves 0.

08 grams, grass card 0.

1 gram, meat buckle 0.

09 grams, white buckle 0.

12 grams, tangerine peel 0.

02 grams, dial 0.

07 grams, white lotus root 0.

1 gram, Chennai 0.

25 vanilla 0.

04 grams, spirit grass 0.

06 grams, row of grass 0.

1 gram, purple grass 0.

06 grams, lemongrass 0.

04 grams, grass fruit 0.

2 grams, fragrant fruit 0.

05 grams, good ginger 0.

08 grams, Amomum villosum.

09 grams, cinnamon 0.

07 grams, woody fragrance 0.

03 grams, Sha Ren 0.

07 香叶 0.

1 香 沙 0.

2 grams, Gan Zhi 0.

06 grams four, braised meat and spices recipe selection: 250g of clear oil, 25g of star anise, 15g of cinnamon, cumin 15?
25g, licorice 10g, sannai 10g, gancao 3?
5g, pepper 20g, amomum 10g, grass cardamom 5g, grass fruit 15g, clove 5?
15g, ginger 100g, spring onion 150g, Shaojiu 100g, soy sauce 100?
200g, rock sugar 350?500g, MSG 15g, refined salt 350?
500g, fresh soup 5000g, 2 gauze bags.

Marinated meat recipe: star anise, cinnamon, cumin, licorice, sannai, sweet pepper, peppercorn, amomum, grass cardamom, grass fruit, clove.

[10 minutes homemade homemade hot and sour soup]_10 minutes homemade homemade hot and sour soup often __10 minutes homemade homemade hot and sour soup Daquan _10 minutes homemade homemade hot and sour soup Daquan

[10 minutes homemade homemade hot and sour soup]_10 minutes homemade homemade hot and sour soup often __10 minutes homemade homemade hot and sour soup Daquan _10 minutes homemade homemade hot and sour soup Daquan

: TV, I think everyone may not be able to resist the temptation to see a food show. In fact, in life, we have mastered some cooking skills and cooking methods, and we can also taste healthy and delicious alternatives at home.

Let ‘s give everyone a chance to learn how to cook. Let ‘s start with this homemade homemade hot and sour soup for 10 minutes.


In a pot, add diced mushrooms and diced winter bamboo shoots to a pan.


2Dice shiitake mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots, pork, and tofu into filaments.

Cut the shredded pork with salt, smoke it raw, and marinate the egg whites for a smoother taste.

After the 1 soup is boiled, add the shredded pork and stir it with chopsticks a few times. The shredded pork is easy to cook.


2 Pour 500 ml of bone soup into a box. (Shortcut) If not available, use water instead.


Then add about 6 grams of rice vinegar.


Pour in the water starch, stir it with a spoon, observe the consistency, and add some starch if it is not enough.


Immediately pour in the egg liquid and stir well with chopsticks to make the egg liquid form beautiful egg filaments.


Cook over high heat for 10 seconds, then sprinkle with pepper, sesame oil, a spoonful of soy sauce, and chives.

You may not have done this before, but now that you have read the brief introduction to the homemade homemade hot and sour soup for 10 minutes, you can try it yourself and cultivate your interest and feelings.

[Enriching stomach soy milk recipes]_ practices _ recipes

[Enriching stomach soy milk recipes]_ practices _ recipes

I believe that everyone is no stranger to soy milk, because many people like to drink soy milk during breakfast.

There are many ways to make soy milk, and you can also mix it with many other coarse grains to make delicious and nutritious soy milk to supplement yourself with excess nutrients.

Below, I will introduce several methods for making stomach soy milk in detail!

First, soymilk is the most basic function of soymilk. Soybean milk has the functions of lowering fat and blood pressure, strengthening muscles and strengthening the spleen.

The ingredients are: 30 grams of soybeans, 10 grams of black beans, 10 grams of green beans, 10 grams of peas, 10 grams of peanuts, and 1200 ml of water.

Production method: first soak a few beans for 6-16 hours for use; put the soaked five beans into the soybean milk net, add water; start the soybean milk machine for a few minutes.

Then cook the soy milk.


Second, mung bean mung bean has the effect of clearing heat and reducing heat, and can also eliminate edema, moisten throat and cough, and reduce blood pressure.

Materials required: 80 grams of mung beans, 50 grams of white sugar, appropriate amount of water (the material is also relatively simple) Production method: Wash the mung beans, soak them for 6-16 hours for use; place the soaked mung beans in the soymilk net coverAdd water to the body.

Start and cook the soy milk after ten minutes.

The residue inside can also be used for mung bean paste.

Third, black sesame soy milk. Friends who like to drink sesame soy milk can try black sesame soy milk, which has dark black hair, relieves heat, and nourishes the body.

Ingredients: 50 grams of black beans, 15 grams of peanuts, 5-10 grams of black sesame, water amountInside the hood, add water to the cup and start the soymilk machine. After a few minutes, the soymilk is cooked.

Fourth, chestnut oat soymilk can also make grain soymilk with a soymilk machine, which is more nutritious and nourishing the stomach.

Ingredients: 40 grams of dried beans (90 grams of wet beans, 1 and 2/3 cups of wet beans), 25 grams of raw chestnuts (about 4), 20 grams of oats Production method: Soak the soybeans for 6-16 hours for use; chestnutsPeel and cut into small pieces, add them to the cup with oat wet beans, add water to the mid-water level; turn on the power, select the “grain” button, and click the start button. After ten minutes, the production is almost complete and ready to cook.

[The practice of whole wheat egg filling cake]_ the common practice of whole wheat egg filling cake _ the practice of whole wheat egg filling cake _ how to make the whole wheat egg filling cake

[The practice of whole wheat egg filling cake]_ the common practice of whole wheat egg filling cake _ the practice of whole wheat egg filling cake _ how to make the whole wheat egg filling cake

If you want to make this dish, you need to prepare the dishes and the necessary things before cooking. Below we will introduce the practice of whole wheat egg filling cakes. After reading, you must try it yourself.


1 medium flour, whole wheat flour, salt, pour into a basin.


2 Pour milk into a milk pan and heat to boil.


1 Use a white shovel to constantly stir the flour to make the dough into loose strips.

(If the boiled milk is not enough, add an appropriate amount of cold milk) 4.

2 Pour in the boiled milk.


1 Stir the eggs, shallots, salt, and sesame oil in the ingredients and set aside.


2 Knead into a ball, apply salad oil, cover with plastic wrap, and proof for an hour.


1 Take out a manual squash.


2 After relaxation, divide 5 portions.


1 Brush salad oil from beginning to end.


2 Use a rolling pin to roll the long strips.


1 Roll up from scratch.


2 Sprinkle with flour.


Close tightly after rolling.


Stand the dough and press it down manually.



Roll into thin round cakes.


Heat the pan, pour in the salad oil to preheat, add the pancakes, and blanch over medium and small heat.

18 years old

Fry until the pancakes are golden and bulge in the middle.

19 Use a chopstick to open a small mouth, then pick a large mouth around, and pour in some egg liquid.


Boil until the egg liquid solidifies and turn over.

Finally, it was baked to the outside of the cake, and the cake became golden brown and came out of the pan.

Sometimes family gatherings are always rejected by their loved ones, they do n’t know how to cook, and everyone has no food.

Do n’t worry now, just watch the steps above and quickly learn to make whole wheat egg pancakes